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  Zexiphilion: tette
  Drakul Mihowl: Il tuo pensiero non è lontano dal vero! Però ti ho sempre pensato Erniesto, come testimonia quella bellissima nota vocale..<3
  Ernest: pensavo che dopo vari rapporti sessuali con moto ti fossi dato al sesso sicuro in cambogia
  Ernest: omg ma allora sei vivo!
  Drakul Mihowl: Wellà! Bello ricordarsi ancora i dati di accesso dopo un anno :)
  Leggend: non c'è un mondo aperto su cui fare quest, girare e fare le solite robe, sono tutte stanze chiuse in cui c'è una strada da seguire e una questa da completare che culmina con un boss, tutto così
  Zelgadis: in che senso è tutto istanziato?
  Leggend: giocavo a vindictus, li c'è anche la fisica, ma il gioco dopo un po stufa perchè è tutto istanziato XD
  Zelgadis: questo va bene per quel malato di zexiphilion XD
  Zelgadis: lol puoi sceglier anche l' intimo da indossare e le armature sono proprio belle
  Zelgadis: Sembra quasi che GW2 abbia copiato molte cose da questo gioco mi pare
  Leggend: oddio il piccolo Lucio!!!
  Leggend: ormai è tardi, il video è nella rete! ahahahha
  Blast Beat: Rimetto il link è stato oscurato evidentemente il nano si è sentito offeso
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Ernest / Apr 12, 2013

All of us can see that SFR is going through some changes right now. ArenaNet has disturbed our situation on WvW by allowing free transfers to #1 server in Europe. Queue times are changing all the time. It went from 3h to 1h to 30min right now so it is clearing up and it is getting better. But because of that some of the old Core guilds and some guilds that came here recently, moved away from our server to avoid situations where they can’t even play.

All of us need to stay calm and endure through this situation with migrations. Situation will get stable very soon. Commanders of our alliance are working all the time on improving our community and gameplay. We’ve came up with few solutions how to integrate new people with us and teach our ways. During this next week I will create "pug” trainings 5 days a week. I need all of you to help me to encourage people to join us here on and on our Teamspeak. We have our SFR Academy to help people realize how more organized WvW works. We need to promote our community and extend a helping hand to new people because we will not be able to control them. We can’t hate them for coming here. We need to assimilate them.

I’ve prepared weekly schedules for all guilds. We will be assigning borders per "matchup” with the ability to switch with other guilds. Everything will be on a google document.
Solutions we’ve came up with. Will be implemented as of next week. This week we need to rest, train people, have fun, encourage them to come here. We need everyone to cooperate.

Remember that SFR is and will always be strong no matter what happens as long as we stay loyal to each other!

Quick summary on guilds that moved away from SFR:
[RG] Red Guard, [BOON] Boon Control, [ECL] Eclipse gaming, [OSC] Oscure brotherhood, [NoE] No Entry, [FIRE]

From our side. We wish you all good luck in the future. It was a pleasure to play with all of you guys. We hope that you will find what you seek. Thank you for working with us.

You think something is going bad here ? we're losing force ?
Our army: ZDs, VcY, Option, Rise, RiOT, RIP, XIII, EXT, iddQ, sIN, RNV, CoN, VG, BG, NK, CG and many others !

Our brothers in arms...

Join us, stay with us, fight with us and lets have some fkn fun while doing it !

Hail! (Drq sul sito del server)